Fearless ED-209 by Hot Toys For women


Just when you think Hot Toys have blown away the competition with their amazing stuff, they up the ante and produced this 1/6 scale ED-209 (Enforcement Droid Series 209) from the RoboCop movies. (Sorry folks, this is a preview. Check out this link for more pictures) ED-209’s primary weapon in all films are three machine guns – two on the left arm and one on the right arm. It also featured a three-round rocket launcher on its right arm and twin launchers for mortar rounds or gas grenades behind its head. The grenade launchers are never used in the movies, but were shown on models and schematics of ED-209. ED-209 moves a lot like the chicken walker or AT-ST in Star Wars. Kenner toys released an ED-209 figure in 1988 (more pictures here), Mez-Itz RoboCop line contained an SD (Super Deformed) ED-209 figure in its RoboCop figure pack, which also contained RoboCop and Officer Anne Lewis, Kotobukiya toys featured a figure line in Japan based on the RoboCop movies. ED-209 came in a singular pack which had to be assembled (pictures here). There was also Kotobukiya’s RoboCop MK 2 (otherwise known as RoboCain – pictures here) from RoboCop 2 – haven’t seen RoboCain anywhere else before, RoboCop (pictures here) and RoboCop with Flight Pack from RoboCop 3 (pictures).

RoboCain battles RoboCop in a climatic finish in RoboCop 2


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