Armor Figures Update For children

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With “Terminator Salvation” around the corner and Hot Toys Iron Man Mark III just arrived, I had to do some adjustments to my display and have now reconfigured a display for my armored figures.

Current armor figures occupying shelf space (be sure to click on the pictures for a larger and better view ;p)
Left half of display
Right half of display
From left: Medicom Rocketeer, Hot Toys Robocop …
Tony Stark and Hot Toys Iron Man Mark III. Robocop with flight pack behind them. The problem with Hot Toys Robocop and Iron Man is that they are not to scale. Robocop’s head is much much bigger than Iron Man’s and they look really odd when placed side by side. Distancing them seems to make the difference less obvious.
Sunrise die-cast Terminator T-800 and Popsalute T3 Terminator
Hot Toys Terminator T-800 and Kyle Reese from “The Terminator (1984)”
CG-13 Violent Interception Squad (VIS) Eris, female Robocop
Hope you all like the pictures ?


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